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Trump the Politicians

Developer: fredfred
0.99 usd

Donald Trump is featured in this old-school style, entertaining arcade game. Help Trump! Clean Up The Streets Of Washington DC! Rid The Town Of The All Talk, No Action Politicians and Win The Race For 2016! Help Make This Country Great Again!Politics are tough! Help Donald Trump on his quest!Help Donald Trump as he tries to beat out the competition in the 2016 Election!Be careful and avoid the Taxis at all times! Eat votes and the hats of Uncle Sam before the other politicians to earn points! Bonus points for eating politicians before they enter the White House!Votes = 10 pts!Uncle Sam’s Hats = Taxis 1/2 SpeedPoliticians = 100 pts!x2 symbol = Double pts!Do all this and Donald Trump will definitely Trump the Politicians and sure be the next President!